How do I Set up and Install MagicJack Go on my Device?

Enjoy the benefit of unlimited calling to international phone numbers with as little as $3/month charges using MagicJack GO. If you are into frequent calling, then this MagicJack package could be your ultimate calling package. For a quite long, this package has been allowing people to connect to each other with the least possible rates in the market.

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If you have recently purchased MagicJack login Go and looking for a way to get started with it, then you must go through the MagicJack setup and magic jack installation process to immediately start using it. However, most of the users find it a daunting task and stop in between the process. Therefore, in order to make it easy for the users, I have penned down some points that will help you with the setup and installation process.

What do you get with MagicJack GO?

The GO packages of MagicJack come along with almost all the things that you need to get started to make long-distance calls. When you buy a GO package, you will get the power adapter and an ethernet cable. Apart from this, you will also get the USB extension cable along with the instructional guide on how to connect magic jack GO along with MagicJack go setup.

MagicJackGO setup process explained

Stage 1- Activate GO preferred devices using a computer

  1. Plug the Ethernet cable into the “Internet” port of MagicJack.
  2. You will hear the click sound when the cable gets locked into its place.
  3. Now, connect the same Ethernet cable to your router.
  4. After that, you need to connect your phone to MagicJack.
  5. For this, use the RJ phone jack to connect both the devices.
  6. Now, provide your MagicJack with the electrical power supply using the adapter that came along with it.
  7. Then, go to the official MagicJack website for MagicJack plus register.

Further, you need to go through the MagicJack installation download process which is explained in the next stage.

Stage 2- install MagicJack Go

  1. Using a USB cable, you need to connect your GO device.
  2. Now, you will see the installation dialog box on your screen.
  3. Here, you need to click on the “Start MagicJack” option.
  4. Next up, you will see the MagicJack logo on your screen.
  5. This will begin the magic jack installation process.
  6. Furthermore, you’ll be prompted for the MagicJack account login.
  7. In case you don’t have an account, you can register for it on the MagicJack portal.
  8. After that, you need to name your device.
  9. Next, you will receive the activation code on the provided email.
  10. After you enter this code in the given space, click ‘Activate My Device’.
  11. Read and agree to the given Terms & Conditions.
  12. Make a selection for your number and the emergency number.
  13. Choose one of the given plans for future calling.

Now, you are all set to use MagicJack GO. You can also customize some of its settings from the MagicJack desktop application. In case you have any queries regarding the installation of MagicJack for Windows 10, then you may go through other articles available on this website.

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